Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Power Of Venom

VENOM, by Dustin..

For a snake, venom is a tool and a weapon..
For a human, venom is much, much more..
For a human, venom is poison...

Venom is your most trusted friend who no longer wants to know your name..
Venom is a Lover who chose to love someone else..
Venom is a father or a mother who chooses themselves over their children..
Venom is cancer that kills a loved one..
Venom is a world of people who no longer values life.
Venom is a vice that leaves us addicted...
Venom is an idea that doesn't include everyone..
Venom is in our minds and in our hearts..
Venom is being lost with no hope..
Venom is a toxic heart break..
Venom can be survived.
Venom can strengthen..
Venom can open our eyes.
Venom can be overcome..
Venom teaches us..
Venom is not the end....
We must become Anti-Venom..
There is a reason man's first enemy was a snake..... And we can crush the head of the serpent just like HE did... (Dustin)

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